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International Community Media Day Podcast

Today’s International Community Media Day was a fantastic opportunity to listen to the testimony of people from around the world and based in Leicester about how community media has touched and added value to their lives. Led by John Coster of Citizens’ Eye, we spoke to people from New Zealand, Thailand, India, South America, as well as cities around the United Kingdom.

I managed to sit and talk with some of our visitors who shared their experience and their thoughts about why community media can change lives and strengthen communities.

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Making the Wheels Turn – Reflections on Citizens Eye

At the start of the 6th Community Media Week, I caught up with John Coster, founder of Citizens Eye and we discussed the changes and the challenges of running successful community media projects.


Acoustic Bridge


Acoustic Bridge

I went to the beach today at Port de plaisance de Carnon, just outside Montpellier. Walking around the harbour there is a very ugly concrete bridge spanning the channel leading out of the inner part of the marina. It’s only when you get inside the bridge that it’s design makes sense. I recorded this on my Zoom H4n recorder, and other than boosting the levels a little there has been no manipulation or combination of the audio.









Audiotheque Workshop – Exploring Othello

wpid-DSCF0517-300x208-2013-08-7-06-24.jpg The latest audio drama workshop run by Mike Lane was based on an extract from Othello. Kirsty Mealing’ and Jennifer Smith played  Emilia and Desdemona. I’m picking-up loads of very useful coaching techniques from Mike, who has a very carefully and organised way of helping the participants ‘unfold’ the meanings and expressions within the text which gets brought out in the performances. These recording sessions are a work-in-progress that have helped me to understand how performers bring the written text to life, through a combination of understanding and intuition. Kirsty and Jennifer’s emotionality really starts to open-up and come through in their successive performances, as the workshop developed and as we made each recordings. I’m really looking forward to developing more of these workshop sessions and to sharing the content that we produce.

Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery – Royal Photographic Society Exhibition Launch

wpid-BOv9W-SCMAIi1co-300x225-2013-07-15-09-01.jpgThe Royal Photographic Society Exhibition came to Leicester’s People’s Photographic Gallery on Tuesday 9th July. Rob Watson caught up with some of the visitors and supporters of the gallery and asked what they thought of the exhibition.






Mad Hatters Tea Party – Stigmaart Summer Exhibition

The annual Summer exhibition by members of Stigmmart, who are affected by mental ill health, or are ex-offenders, will be open for public viewing from Monday 1st July until Thursday 1st of August. The exhibition, The Mad hatter’s tea party, hosted by Stigmaart, a member led mutual cooperative, will showcase art created by members from [...]