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Audiotheque Workshop – Fine Tuning

wpid-DSCF0420-300x208-2013-07-23-20-04.jpgIt’s been a while since an Audiotheque workshop took place, so it was great fun today to get together with Michael Lane, Mike Leo Brown and Jonny McClean and produce some recordings. We’d planned the session as part of the weekly Community Media Hub run by John Coster of Citizen’s Eye, which takes place at BBC Leicester.

We started off by working through an intense piece of dialogue from King Lear, and really used the expertise of the two performers and their voices alone to bring something from the text. I enjoy working with performers in this context as it tests the capability of the audio recording process to deliver something that captures and reflects the emotion of the piece and the moment that it is delivered. Michael’s capability as a director and coach really shone through, and the end result was so different from the first.

I was using a Zoom H4n handheld recorder and two Audio-Technica AT8031 microphones with desk stands. Normally I’d set-up a free-standing mic, but given the quality of the studio that we were lucky enough to be using, it meant that we could get a pretty relaxed recording all the same.

After focusing on this one piece for nearly two hours Michael mixed it up a bit by moving the setting of the play from the past into the future. So now I’ve got to source some sound effects for a spaceship airlock and two people being ejected out among the stars. Which is great fun to do with audio. wpid-DSCF0417-300x208-2013-07-23-20-04.jpg

Lastly Mike and Jonny recorded a sketch which was great fun. I really like working with capable actors who can nail a scene in one go, with a straight run through. The performances went way over the top, and they might not be the kind of thing that will win any awards, but it made us laugh quite a bit in the moment.

Now, I’ve got to make some sounds of a space ship, how do I go about doing that?

[Update: Here's a quick finished piece of audio]