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DIY-DMU Podcast 017 International Community Media Expo

Today’s podcast was recorded as part of the first DMU International Community Media Expo. Sitting around the table was Julian, Kiaran, Ulrika, Gerhart and myself. We chatted about the role and the importance of community media and what we need to learn to make our own media.

DIY-DMU Podcast 013 Cambodia #dmuglobal

For the last week or so, John and myself have been in Cambodia doing some teaching and research work with the American University of Phnom Penh. We met some fantastic students and experienced Cambodian life and culture. It was my first time in Cambodia and it was completely different to how I expected it. We chat in this edition of the DIY-DMU podcast about scratching the surface, not making any assumptions and honoring the proud traditions of Khemer life, both in the city and at Angkor Wat.

DIYDMU Podcast 012

Tonight’s podcast gave John Coster and myself some insight into the work of Ulike Kubatta, a documentary film maker who recently joined us at De Montfort University. Ulrike’s friend and DJ, Martina Giesa told us about her love of original R&B music, while J and Toc gave us some insight into the mind of millenials and their goals in life.

DIY-DMU Podcast 011 #Hollywood

This evening’s podcast saw John Coster, Ben Archer, Rob Watson and Jim Russel get together for a discussion about Hollywood and the changing nature of the film industry, and how online media from Netflix and Amazon are changing the way we consume and access movies and documentaries.

DIY-DMU Podcast 010 #Fairtrade

In today’s podcast John and I met up with Emma and Colin who are DMU’s Fairtrade champions, and we talked about the relevance and importance of ethical and accountable trading.

DIY-DMU Podcast 009 #SDGTeachIn

Another vibrant and absorbing podcast again this evening, with a range of views and opinions from Mike, J, Ben, Tina, John and myself. The theme tonight was the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that is being promoted by the National Union of Students across the UK, and what we might do to incorporate the sustainability objectives into our courses and learning opportunities.

DIY-DMU Podcast 008 #WorldRadioDay

It was an entertaining and engrossing discussion tonight, when Laury, Aidan, Jagger and Ben joined John Coster and Rob Watson to talk about what we like about radio. This is our contribution to UNESCO World Radio Day.

DIY-DMU Podcast 007

In tonight’s DIY-DMU podcast John and I chatted about travelling and the way that our expectations about community media are different in some of the places and countries that we’ve visited, and what it is that people value about community media and the way it is part of different cultures.

DIY-DMU Podcast 006

It was just John Coster and myself this evening, but that didn’t stop us from having an engrossing conversation about how we can think about how the digital society might be understood.

DIY-DMU Podcast 005

This is the fifth DIY-DMU podcast. Taking part this evening along with John Coster and Rob Watson was Dave, Mike and Rhianna. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo, so I decided to use this one instead.

DIY-DMU Podcast 004

Here’s the latest edition of the DIY-DMU podcast. Tonight it was John Coster and myself discussing how our attitudes to social media are also changing the way we think about our non-media social experiences.

DIY-DMU Podcast 2018 003

The first DIY-DMU podcast for 2018 gave John, Rob, Gerhard and Dominica a chance to talk about issues and challenges in community and social media, and what we can learn by helping people to find a voice to deal with some of these challenges. 

Documentary Media Podcast 003

Tonight John Coster, Dave Nedham and I got together at the Doc Media Center and chatted about virtual and digital mapping, and if it is a new form of documentary, one that you can track people in real time?

Documentary Media Podcast 002

Tonight John Coster, Tom Field and I got together at the Doc Media Center and chatted about the process of watching different types of documentaries, how we share stories in different documentary forms, and the impact of the stories that they tell.

Starbase Leicester Makes It So…

StarBase Leicester is a Science Fiction and Fantasy group, who meet once a month, for a variety of events, run for members. Regular events include Superhero Night, creative writing night, Megazone, Roleplaying Games, Muchkin, Cinema trips, Console nights Starbase Leicester aims to encourage its members to contribute and run ideas of their own, make new friends and to enjoy everything scifi, fantasy and gaming related activities, amongst like-minded individuals. This group accepts anyone, as long as they are 16+ and prepared to have a little fun. I spoke with Hannah, Sam and Chris who told me about their roles and what they get out of being members of Starbase Leicester.

Acoustic Bridge


Acoustic Bridge

I went to the beach today at Port de plaisance de Carnon, just outside Montpellier. Walking around the harbour there is a very ugly concrete bridge spanning the channel leading out of the inner part of the marina. It’s only when you get inside the bridge that it’s design makes sense. I recorded this on my Zoom H4n recorder, and other than boosting the levels a little there has been no manipulation or combination of the audio.









Audiotheque Workshop – Exploring Othello

wpid-DSCF0517-300x208-2013-08-7-06-24.jpg The latest audio drama workshop run by Mike Lane was based on an extract from Othello. Kirsty Mealing’ and Jennifer Smith played  Emilia and Desdemona. I’m picking-up loads of very useful coaching techniques from Mike, who has a very carefully and organised way of helping the participants ‘unfold’ the meanings and expressions within the text which gets brought out in the performances. These recording sessions are a work-in-progress that have helped me to understand how performers bring the written text to life, through a combination of understanding and intuition. Kirsty and Jennifer’s emotionality really starts to open-up and come through in their successive performances, as the workshop developed and as we made each recordings. I’m really looking forward to developing more of these workshop sessions and to sharing the content that we produce.

Audiotheque Workshop – Fine Tuning

wpid-DSCF0420-300x208-2013-07-23-20-04.jpgIt’s been a while since an Audiotheque workshop took place, so it was great fun today to get together with Michael Lane, Mike Leo Brown and Jonny McClean and produce some recordings. We’d planned the session as part of the weekly Community Media Hub run by John Coster of Citizen’s Eye, which takes place at BBC Leicester.

We started off by working through an intense piece of dialogue from King Lear, and really used the expertise of the two performers and their voices alone to bring something from the text. I enjoy working with performers in this context as it tests the capability of the audio recording process to deliver something that captures and reflects the emotion of the piece and the moment that it is delivered. Michael’s capability as a director and coach really shone through, and the end result was so different from the first.

I was using a Zoom H4n handheld recorder and two Audio-Technica AT8031 microphones with desk stands. Normally I’d set-up a free-standing mic, but given the quality of the studio that we were lucky enough to be using, it meant that we could get a pretty relaxed recording all the same.

After focusing on this one piece for nearly two hours Michael mixed it up a bit by moving the setting of the play from the past into the future. So now I’ve got to source some sound effects for a spaceship airlock and two people being ejected out among the stars. Which is great fun to do with audio. wpid-DSCF0417-300x208-2013-07-23-20-04.jpg

Lastly Mike and Jonny recorded a sketch which was great fun. I really like working with capable actors who can nail a scene in one go, with a straight run through. The performances went way over the top, and they might not be the kind of thing that will win any awards, but it made us laugh quite a bit in the moment.

Now, I’ve got to make some sounds of a space ship, how do I go about doing that?

[Update: Here's a quick finished piece of audio]

Rob Watson » DMU 2013-07-17 20:26:30


Ed Baxter – ResonanceFM

In the third Community Media World Podcast, Rob Watson has been talking with community media proponants about what makes a community media project work and what they have to offer volunteers. Thanks to Jon Sketchly of HermitageFM, Ed Baxter of ResonanceFM and David Wiggly of ZoneOne Radio.









Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery – Royal Photographic Society Exhibition Launch

wpid-BOv9W-SCMAIi1co-300x225-2013-07-15-09-01.jpgThe Royal Photographic Society Exhibition came to Leicester’s People’s Photographic Gallery on Tuesday 9th July. Rob Watson caught up with some of the visitors and supporters of the gallery and asked what they thought of the exhibition.






Mad Hatters Tea Party – Stigmaart Summer Exhibition

The annual Summer exhibition by members of Stigmmart, who are affected by mental ill health, or are ex-offenders, will be open for public viewing from Monday 1st July until Thursday 1st of August. The exhibition, The Mad hatter’s tea party, hosted by Stigmaart, a member led mutual cooperative, will showcase art created by members from [...]